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1407 S Akard St
Dallas, TX, 75215


A family-owned pet hotel and spa in Dallas that provides daycare, boarding, grooming and chauffeuring for your pets.

We are a family

Pawliday Inn is a family owned business that recently opened in Dallas. At Pawliday Inn we treat each pup as if they were our own. We love getting to know their personalities and watching puppy friendship be made. Every member of our doggy loving staff could not imagine doing anything better!

Martha Roa   Founder & President

Martha Roa

Founder & President

Martha, Owner

Martha is from Colombia and has been in Dallas for over 10 years. She loves and has always had dogs. She loves to travel and has lived in 3 different countries.  A born educator, Martha has a passion for teaching and even owns an elementary school in Colombia. She founded Pawliday Inn to merge all of her passions: pups, business, and education. It's a dream come true! 

Fun facts: Martha has two MBAs and has been to 10+ countries. 

Silvia Diaz- Roa   Founder & CFO

Silvia Diaz- Roa

Founder & CFO


Silvia is the youngest in the family. She graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 2015, and now is at Yale University doing her MBA. She loves going to all of the pup events in Dallas. Playing with all of the pups at Pawliday is her favorite activity. 

Fun Facts: Silvia created and designed this website! 

Adelaida Diaz- Roa   Founder & Marketing Officer

Adelaida Diaz- Roa

Founder & Marketing Officer


Adelaida graduated from SMU in 2013, with a business marketing degree. Her last semester one of her assignments was to create a business plan for her dream job. After some research she decided on a pet hotel. After more research she teamed up with her mom, Martha, to realize their dream of opening Pawliday Inn.  Adelaida LOVES her Pomeranian Mico, whom she takes with her everywhere: work, school, Starbucks, and all over the world. 

Fun Facts: Adelaida will be living in a different country every month next year with a group called Remote Year.

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Noemi loves pups. She has four of her own!

Fun Fact: Noemi is a superb photographer and dog whisperer.



Carisma hopes to become a veterinarian one day.

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