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Take your pets along for a travel adventure!

Pawliday Inn

by: Roxana Oliver

Whenever you plan to travel somewhere, for a longer or a shorter period of time, you leave your pets behind. It breaks your hearth to see their sad little faces while you are stepping away from them, but planning a trip on which you can take your dog or a cat seems like a lot of work. Some people tend to hire a sitter that will come to your home while you are on your trip and basically ‘take your place for a while’, however, to them, you are hard to replace.

So do not make that decision to leave them behind that easily. All you have to do is start planning a trip just a little bit earlier, and if you love your pet, you should not be lazy to do so! Yes, there are numerous things you need to check and do before you set out on a journey, especially if you want them to fully enjoy themselves. But trust me, it will definitely be worth it!

Take Care of the Paperwork

Just like you need to have your passport with you when going to another country, so does your pet, however, depending on the place you are traveling to, paperwork is different. So first thing to check is whether the import is permitted, and whether the animal needs to have a microchip. Also, bear in mind that some countries require you to do a Blood Titter Test. Make sure you feed them some sentinel chews, which I always order online from Stefmar, to prevent any parasites from other animals in the plane, and believe me this prevention is super important.

At the Airport

Once you find out everything about the country you are traveling to, it is time to think about the ways you are going to get there. Different airlines offer different types of traveling arrangement for your little one, and not all of them are going to allow you to take them with you at the next seat, simply because of the other passengers. So make sure that you check before the flight what kind of arrangement does that company offer, whether you need a carrier, or there is a way for you two to travel side by side, where you can drink your first class champagne while you are feeding your furry friend with his dog treats.

Make them Comfortable

As there is a good chance that your pet will have to travel in a carrier, make sure that they are comfortable. The bottom has to be waterproof, and of course, it should be well ventilated so that they have enough air inside. Also, as they might suffer separation anxiety, put something of yours inside, so that they are surrounded with something that has your smell on it. But even if you do this, it is also good to train your dog before the trip, and help him get used to carrier. At the beginning leave the door open for them so that they can go in an out, but encourage them to sleep and spend more time in it. Also take them for car rides, and praise them for their good behavior. Get the best and the biggest one for the trip, so that he would have enough space to move and play in it.

Find the Right Place to Stay

Just like you had to find an apartment building that will allow you to live with your pet, you will have to look for a hotel that is pet friendly. Fortunately, many of them are pet-friendly, so they should not be that hard to find. What you can additionally search for are the ones that have personnel responsible for taking your pet for a walk. You can set up a schedule for them, and if you had a long night and want to get some sleep in the morning, or do not have the strength to walk in the evening after a long day, professional dog walkers can take care of your little one, and you would not have to worry, as you will know that they are in good hands. 

So do not let anyone or anything separate you from your little one. They say that pets are just the same as their owners, so if you are up for the adventure, so are they, and if you take them on this journey with you, you are going to have the time of your life.

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