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If you have any questions about any of our services or anything else please feel free to shoot us a message!  

1407 S Akard St
Dallas, TX, 75215


A family-owned pet hotel and spa in Dallas that provides daycare, boarding, grooming and chauffeuring for your pets.


Come get cozy with us!

The pups get to play all day with their pawfriends and as the sun starts to set over the Dallas skyline, they say goodbye to their daycare friends, have a meal, and get cozy in their individual suites. 

Boarding Services

Boarding includes all of the amenities of daycare!

Dogs less than 25 Ibs         $30/night

Dogs More than 25 Ibs       $45/night

share a suite discount  

$10 OFF first sibling 

$15 OFF second sibling


*$5/night extra during holidays unless reservation made at least 2 weeks before holiday

discounts for longer stays! 

10 Nights       10% Off 

20 NIGHTS       15% OFF 

30 NIGHTS       20% OFF 

*Food: For boarding, please bring food for your pup for the days they will be staying with us. Dogs have sensitive stomachs and could react negatively to a sudden change in food. We do have healthy dog food available that we can provide upon request. Please be sure to tell us of any allergies beforehand. 

*Bedding: At Pawliday Inn we provide bedding for all of the pups, but if they have their own bed at home you are welcome to bring it so the pup(s) are more comfortable. We have also found that a used article of clothing from the pawparent helps the pup(s) feel more at home when they're with us. 

*Toys: All the toys will be kept in the pup's suite. He or she will only have access to them at bedtime when they are in their suites. We have to do this in order for the toys not to be damaged by the other dogs. 

*Pick up/Drop Off Outside Business Hours: There is staff at the facility 24/7, but for pick ups/drop offs outside business hours there is a $10/hour fee (up to 2 hours). Pick ups on Sundays have a $25 fee and are only between 3pm-5pm. 

*Sick: If your pup is sick (kennel cough/fleas, etc) we cannot take him/her in order to keep the other pups healthy. 

All pups must be neutered/spayed and be up-to-date on their vaccinations in order to board with us. 

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