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If you have any questions about any of our services or anything else please feel free to shoot us a message!  

1407 S Akard St
Dallas, TX, 75215


A family-owned pet hotel and spa in Dallas that provides daycare, boarding, grooming and chauffeuring for your pets.



Running late? Is it stressful dropping off your pup before work or picking him up after? Do you need to get to the airport and don't have time to drop your pup off? No need to worry! We are happy to chauffeur your pup to and from Pawliday from any location in Dallas. 


Chauffeur services

Let us pick up or drop off your pet(s) so you don't have to! We can even pick them up and drop them off in your yard or home at a scheduled time. Tell us where and we are there! 

Price: $10 if in downtown, outside this radius $1/mile 

Note: Must sign chauffeur waiver before any pick ups/drop offs, which can be found below. 

Please call or text us ahead of time (at least 12 hours) @ (214) 799 3377

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